Launceston Barbers Every haircut counts.

It’s amazing how many people don’t know what they want when they come in, they ask for what they think is the right description but most of the time they only contradict themselves. I’m the same when trying to explain about getting the car serviced, No idea. Anyway here at Launceston Barbers you don’t have to worry about that as we will teach you how to remember exactly what you’ve done for the next time on every client.

Look Good, Look Sharp
Look Good, Look Sharp.

How many times has a guy come in asking for the same cut as he had last time, but his last haircut was 3 months ago? He still expects you to remember exactly what he wants. Well we can teach you a system that helps you remember every client no matter how long it is between haircuts. As long as they’ve been in before you’ll know exactly what they had last time and if there the type of guy that changes there cut every time there in, Why not just make sure you remember what they’ve in the past so to be able to repeat it or Not.

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