All About Steve

My journey started in 1988 as a junior hairdresser in the UK, I was thrown in at the deep end and within 6 months I was already colouring, setting, blow drying and getting some cutting done as well. This is where I discovered the passion for my work and I stayed here for about a year and a half.  I moved to another salon with a younger audience to learn more about modern styles, whilst at college and subsequently completed my City & Guilds in Hairdressing Level 2.

I got my first break in barbering in 1995 through my former college tutor. He ran his own salon and mentored me into cutting men’s hair, thus began my journey as a barber. Throughout the next few years, I moved around various salons where I gained experience and other skill sets, such as wet shaving and learning the cutting technique which I still apply and teach in all my shops.  

Inspired for change in 2000, I decided to move to Spain and started working as a mobile barber. For the next 5 years I honed my skills, learned Spanish and a little French, German & Portuguese. Being a mobile barber allowed me to meet lots of people which resulted in expanding my clientele base and meeting my wife, [who is French].

I moved to Hampshire in the UK in 2005 with my family and eventually opened up Steve’s Barbers Shop 2 years later. With the experience I gained while working in Spain I managed to implement new ideas at my shop. These  included creating a client database that allowed me to keep track of my customers and their requirements.  We also designed a stylish website with the added feature of a Barbercam, which allowed real time access into the shop for security and promotional purposes.

With the influx of trade taking place globally and having the need for more barbers, I started training people at my shop. What would soon be uncovered is the passion which I possess for teaching others. Seeing  an individual learning a new trade paired with their new found passion was such an amazing experience for me as a mentor.  This quickly led to further inspiration;  resulting in the creation of my YouTube channel, where to this day I continue to upload new videos to help train new and upcoming barbers. 

The following link is to my channel:

Through the following years I have owned two shops in the UK and two in Australia. I currently own and work at Launceston Barbers, which opened in Tasmania in 2015.  Launceston Barbers has managed to create a client database of over 6000 people in just over two years with a high return rate due to the professional standards of haircuts provided throughout all members of staff.

As fashion changes within our industry and the styles that go with it, it is amazing and challenging to keep up with the new trends. There is always modifying and recreating from the base in this trade, which keeps you evolving as a barber. It is fun to meet people from different walks of life whose hairstyle defines who they are. The picture below is a link to some of the work that I have delivered.

 Launceston Barbers